Be you this season!

History can’t be changed but future can. So it starts with me.
I who was once a prisoner of people. Instead of living my life, I lived for them, that was me back then, today I call it history.
But there comes a time when you’ve. Fought all the battles and are in peace with you’re flaws and insecurities .when you can sing joyfully that all is well with your soul. I am at that stage of my life. Now that I don’t stress myself to impress some imaginary girl, I’ve learnt everyone tries to impress that special one, but if you can’t get them by being yourself then they are not special.
After dealing with my demons now am free to be me and don’t have to impress anyone. Am not on a mission to impress anyone. If you think that am chubby, short, or dark, I care less sister.
This season I’ve also had another breakthrough of getting rid of all toxic friends. I had friends a battalion of them, now I my friends are countable. Back then I had more than enough. Making it hard for my No to be heard. Now I’ve gotten rid of all toxic brothers who emit negative energy. I know my place and am not out to prove a point to anyone. If you feel like talking of me, well and good ,am happy I can make a topic anyway.
Learning the power of friendship is the best thing that happened to me; my friend, associations leads to assimilation and a persons wisdom can be measured in his future predicted by the quality of people he has chosen to be his advisors. Our closest friends are a prophecy of our future. Not forgetting we are an average of five of our closest friends. He who walks with the wise becomes wise and one who cares to learn will always find a teacher,choose yours well.
My friend ,you can tell what a person is becoming by looking at what they are putting away, what they are doing and who they are avoiding; Don’t you set yourself on fire to keep others warm.
I’m enjoying every second of this season in my life.
Everything around me is so real and am also real.


@poet mwai kiarie


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