A young Kenyan’s dream

In his words, John F Kennedy put it well that “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.   Whenever this statement ringers  my mind, I feel that my country has been robbed more by the majority citizens who want it to do for them rather than do for it. “Serekali ingilia kati” is a famous quote that many will use whenever need arises. Some of whom put minimal or no effort to not even better themselves at  personal level.

So I sit down to write this which could help better my generation, I mean youth. For my believe that this article could change your mind-set. I start with the age that sets an adults journey, the age that one is able to exercise their rights as an adult, Eighteen is the age that majority clear high school and life realities start dawning on them. Jim Rohn definition of an adult as someone you can depend on. As a youth who loves Kenya, I suppose our country should depend on our input to it unlike sit and complain that it provides everything for us. It’s all in taking responsibility in whatever capacity that is within our reach.

Being considered an adult and the expectation that you can be depended on takes a lot of effort to change. Thus laying down plans on how your life will be like is of essence. You start minding about adult things like career, health and relationships. Some choose the path of partying, sex and drugs, a reckless life with no worry of the future. That’s a perfect guide to ruining your body, waking up to reality years later and spending your adult life struggling for failure to utilize their thinking as a young man. The foundation you lay down will affect the future you live.Be you this season!

Opportunities are all around you but are for those who go for them. Nowadays you can earn money blogging, filling Google sheets with data, posting updates on social media or submitting data on promotional sites. The whole wide world is opened in front of you. Use that opportunity, take initiative. Be proactive as opportunities are all around you. Go for them, they will never come for you.



So when all is said and done, hope that we young blood could stand to change even the smallest things  in ever little way we know.


Copyright 2017


its agonizing for the tender hope
feel of unripe capability
with moves of insanity
reasons life is easy
its humorous,its humourless
obsession, frustration
its pleasure that is unbearable
led by our actions that are in-torelable
the di-speakable, pathetic occurrences
that no one seems answerable
thus disasters will  get hold of the capable
our leaders!
can’t you hear the agonizing cries
from tender veins ,blood is oozing
the innocent are crying, many dying
your silence is deafening
yet you only give hope to the despaired
Spare us the lies and hypocrisy
What next are we expecting?
From this silence that laden
With the people of cruelty
Who traumatize others dreams
Thriving in others misery
Stealing from the mouth of beggars
Our future! Ooh unto you
Our land ,our vehicles ,our rights
Its a pity why is it all about our?
Can’t it just be,I will have?
Can’t we be inhibited and do all ‘our’ away?
Obsession is killing your people
Not at ever time time are they absolute
For the obsess are mad obsessive
Never  a future for them to come
But always therefore they must be
We would want to rule our destiny
But never want to work for it
The thought of our fellow leaders
Who are rich but did not work
Never knowing that it was their luck
Should leave us and let us work
Many run away
Leaving their spaces,their places
With no one to adhere to
Let’s be our own
Do our principal purpose
And stand by what we believe

©copyright 2015




@poet mwai kiarie

Be you this season!

History can’t be changed but future can. So it starts with me.
I who was once a prisoner of people. Instead of living my life, I lived for them, that was me back then, today I call it history.
But there comes a time when you’ve. Fought all the battles and are in peace with you’re flaws and insecurities .when you can sing joyfully that all is well with your soul. I am at that stage of my life. Now that I don’t stress myself to impress some imaginary girl, I’ve learnt everyone tries to impress that special one, but if you can’t get them by being yourself then they are not special.
After dealing with my demons now am free to be me and don’t have to impress anyone. Am not on a mission to impress anyone. If you think that am chubby, short, or dark, I care less sister.
This season I’ve also had another breakthrough of getting rid of all toxic friends. I had friends a battalion of them, now I my friends are countable. Back then I had more than enough. Making it hard for my No to be heard. Now I’ve gotten rid of all toxic brothers who emit negative energy. I know my place and am not out to prove a point to anyone. If you feel like talking of me, well and good ,am happy I can make a topic anyway.
Learning the power of friendship is the best thing that happened to me; my friend, associations leads to assimilation and a persons wisdom can be measured in his future predicted by the quality of people he has chosen to be his advisors. Our closest friends are a prophecy of our future. Not forgetting we are an average of five of our closest friends. He who walks with the wise becomes wise and one who cares to learn will always find a teacher,choose yours well.
My friend ,you can tell what a person is becoming by looking at what they are putting away, what they are doing and who they are avoiding; Don’t you set yourself on fire to keep others warm.
I’m enjoying every second of this season in my life.
Everything around me is so real and am also real.



@poet mwai kiarie

Wake up and smell the coffee

If you do not bet on you’re self, no one will.
If you go to the ocean with a bucket,the ocean will only give you a bucket of water.
My friend, no one will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. The whole world believes in you,people begin to respect what you have to say and in turn you increase your value in their mind.
Have principles to abide to. Create your own moral code. Do whatever you want as long as you are willing to pay you’re life consequences, make what you do unique out of yourself.
Change your thoughts and change your  life. Choose the way you want to see things. ‘ we don’t see things as they are but as we are’
If you don’t know what you want,things will forever be a struggle .again I say clarify your values.
The traits of life will either wear you down or polish you well depending on what you’re made of.
It all starts with you. You will become as small as your controlling desire or as great as your dominant aspirations.
My friend you are the master of your fate
You are the captain of your soul
If you compare your self with others,you may become them and bitter. Be yourself and your God and keep peace with yourself.
Never fight for what you don’t believe in,fight for what you side about and strongly believe in. Be you and the rest will follow
Everyone is successful in their own right, its up to you to be  determined, focused and prayerful and love what you do and do it with a smile .there is nothing more beautiful than a smile that has struggled.
The society has little sympathy when you are of no importance to it. No one will listen to what you say.
Go out and take what’s yours. Be you. Don’t you be someone else  “till time stands still” I think it be “till time stands still.”

Copyright 2015


@poet mwai kiarie