A young Kenyan’s dream

In his words, John F Kennedy put it well that “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.   Whenever this statement ringers in my mind, I feel that my country has been robbed more by the majority citizens who want it to do for them rather than do for it. “Serekali ingilia kati” is a famous quote that many will use whenever need arises. Some of whom put minimal or no effort to not even better themselves at a personal level.

So I sit down to write this which could help better my generation, I mean, today’s youth. For my believe that this article could change your mind-set. I start with the age that sets an adults journey. The age that one is able to exercise their rights as an adult. Eighteen is the age that majority clear high school and life realities start dawning on them. Jim Rohn definition of an adult as someone you can depend on. As a youth who loves Kenya, I suppose our country should depend on our input to it unlike sit and complain that it provides everything for us. It’s all in taking responsibility in whatever capacity that is within our reach.

Being considered an adult and the expectation that you can be depended on takes a lot of effort to change. Thus laying down plans on how your life will be like is of essence. You start minding about adult things like career, health and relationships. Some choose the path of partying, sex and drugs, a reckless life with no worry of the future. That’s a perfect guide to ruining your body, waking up to reality years later and spending your adult life struggling for failure to utilize their thinking as a young man. The foundation you lay down will affect the future you live.Be you this season!

Opportunities are all around you but are for those who go for them. Nowadays you can earn money blogging, filling Google sheets with data, posting updates on social media or submitting data on promotional sites. The whole wide world is opened in front of you. Use that opportunity. Take initiative. Be proactive as opportunities are all around you. Go for them, they will never come for you.

Mind what you do, you never know whom you are inspiring. John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address of 20th January 1961 adds “we observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom-symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning-signifying renewal, as well as change.”  These very words to me are a reflection of what every patriot, every youth or say states man in Kenya should aspire and work to achieve. Not to jostle in tribal cocoons that lead to hate and bloodshed but to hope for a better country through being an agent of change. And now that change begins with you, pushing away anything or anyone who is an enemy of peace should be key. So ill share with you my Kenyan dream:

              My Kenyan dream

I dream of a Kenya where we will not be driven by tribal alliances rather in                                 a common goal to success, a common dream.

I dream of a Kenya where justice will be fair to all, both the haves and have-nots.

I dream of a Kenya where opportunities will be equally shared on basis of                                   credentials but not by whom you know or where you come from.

I dream of  our country where tribalism will not divide our kids, but value for                             diversity, humanity and a common goal for unity will make us achieve.

I dream of a corruption free Kenya,

A God fearing country that we can be able to unleash our potential.

I believe in a Kenya that will one day stand united, that will one day practice the                       words of its National Anthem.


So when all is said and done, hope that the young blood could stand to change Kenya in even the little ways we know. I believe it’s the youth, because we are the future, who will change our nation. That one day a country will stand against all the evils that drives us apart. That Kenya will be one.


Copyright 2017


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