its agonizing for the tender hope
feel of unripe capability
with moves of insanity
reasons life is easy
its humorous,its humourless
obsession, frustration
its pleasure that is unbearable
led by our actions that are in-torelable
the di-speakable, pathetic occurrences
that no one seems answerable
thus disasters will  get hold of the capable
our leaders!
can’t you hear the agonizing cries
from tender veins ,blood is oozing
the innocent are crying, many dying
your silence is deafening
yet you only give hope to the despaired
Spare us the lies and hypocrisy
What next are we expecting?
From this silence that laden
With the people of cruelty
Who traumatize others dreams
Thriving in others misery
Stealing from the mouth of beggars
Our future! Ooh unto you
Our land ,our vehicles ,our rights
Its a pity why is it all about our?
Can’t it just be,I will have?
Can’t we be inhibited and do all ‘our’ away?
Obsession is killing your people
Not at ever time time are they absolute
For the obsess are mad obsessive
Never  a future for them to come
But always therefore they must be
We would want to rule our destiny
But never want to work for it
The thought of our fellow leaders
Who are rich but did not work
Never knowing that it was their luck
Should leave us and let us work
Many run away
Leaving their spaces,their places
With no one to adhere to
Let’s be our own
Do our principal purpose
And stand by what we believe

©copyright 2015




@poet mwai kiarie


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